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Project Management

Project Management

We are passionate about becoming an essential part of the process to get your business up and running properly within the specified timeframe.

Our project management team has the expertise, passion and drive to manage, co-ordinate, control, evaluate and monitor all aspects of a building site and development. Team members use their initiative in rising to the challenge, to ensure that the projects is run professionally and within its time lines.  This adds value to your business by freeing you up to focus on making your venture a success.

We offer a range of professional services to cater to our clients’ needs – from managing the entire projects from start to finish, to supervising specific aspects of the process.



We make certain that effective communication takes place between the developer, main contractors, architects and tenants. This prevents misunderstandings and costly project delays.


Services and Suppliers

We supply and manage the builders, plumbers, electricians, flooring and paint specialists who are most suited to do specific jobs on a site or in a development. We ensure that they are briefed correctly in terms of the project and
that they stay within the timeframe.


Architect Assistance

We manage tenants in a development by negotiating their retail space and ensuring that their requirements are met in terms of design, space planning and shopfitting.


Tenant Specification Criteria

We create a detailed manual for each tenant in a development, that caters to their individual needs. The manual specifies the positioning of items such as windows, doors, electrical sockets and light switches as well as the colours and types of finishes required for the flooring, lighting, ceiling and walls.


Building Development

Our comprehensive service includes appointing builders as well as other tradesmen. We manage them and the site’s development so that it meets the exacting requirements of our customers. Having complete control of and responsibility for a project gives us the confidence that our clients can start trading without any delays or snags, when we hand them the keys to their business.


Project ManagementProject ManagementProject Management